Le Club des petits: Socialisation – Early-learning – French exposure


On Mondays, Tuesdays and Thursdays, from 3pm to 4pm, and Saturdays, from 11am to 12pm, your child under 2 year old is invited to join our Club des petits. Your child can join at anytime to respect his/her own pace.

Afternoons are divided in 3 times :

  • Personalised reception and free play
  • Workshops: presentation and discovery time
  • Story, songs and lullabies time

Le Club des petits, it’s also :
  • exchange time for children, aunties and parents who accompany them.
  • early-learning activities to develop socialisation and independence of children.

Activities vary from psychomotor and musical awakening, art&craft, stories, songs and lullabies.

Through funny trails, children discover their body and its limits. He/she interact with his/her environment. Developing motor skills araise independence, socialisation, self-confidence, health and prepare to school-life.

Develop child’s imagination. Child express his/her emotions and his/her impression and stimulate various abilities (language, fine motor skills).

Stimulate your child 5 senses, discover different sensations. Handling different materials, textures and shapes: water games and decanting.
Children learn to overcome his/her fears (especially water…). Sensory activities contribute to the develop global and fine motor skills and acknowledge of their own body.
It also develops social relation and language.

Discover the sounds and rhythms with music instruments, songs and sound tales.

Reading stories or singing stimulate children’s imagination, enrich his/her vocabulary and improve his/her communication skills. Read is a way to communicate and to interact with others.