We are hosting Extra-curricular activities at the French International School

RC-Y1 & MS-GS: Milou by Le Club des cinq – French Learning Centre

Wednesdays 1.15pm to 2.15pm at Jardines’ Lookout campus

Tuesdays 2.45pm to 3.45pm at Hung Hom campus

Your child will boost her/his confidence and interest in French language. She/he will reinforce her/his listening comprehension and develop her/his vocabulary. For each age-group, we propose a set of educational activities that aim to incite your child to speak in French and strengthen her/his language structure.

Be plunged in a great story and boost your confidence and interest in French language.

Every week, your child will discover a new great story, participate in educational games and create video or artwork.

Benefit from all the advantages of Le Club des cinq – French Learning Centre’s teaching approach, including:
• A team of qualified and experienced teacher with a very small group of students for personalized attention and maximum interaction;
• Lots of mobile friendly resources for continuous learning at home or anywhere!

Take a look at the stories, you will be able to listen at home or anywhere.
Take a look at the videos already made by Le Club des cinq’s students.

Register your child directly for ECA at FRENCH INTERNATIONAL SCHOOL

from Saturday 15 July, 4pm (HKtime)

Click here to register!