Our Mission

1. Guiding children towards cognitive, emotional and social development

For La Maternelle by Le Club des cinq, vocalisation and socialisation are key to success. Our teachers’ main goal is to contribute to the motor, physical, sensory and communicative progresses of the children.

2. Raising self-awarness

We raise the kids’ awareness of their strengths, their qualities and boost their self-esteem by constant positive reinforcement .

3. Stimulating curiosity and interest

Our classrooms and educational tools are adapted to the kids’ age and level. We always design fun educational activities to provide stimulating sessions.

4. Implementing personalised learning methods

Our individualized teaching methodology help children overcome current difficulties and get ready to learn and work more independently in the future.

5. Working together

By working in groups, children can share, interact and help each other. They learn how to live and work together as well as to respect each other and grasp the richness of their differences.

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