Our Methodology

1. Innovative/Creative/Tailor-made materials

Our teachers are constantly improving their teaching materials to provide you a unique experience for rapid progress at each session.

2. Positive attitude

We constantly encourage the children to do their best and cheer them up to achieve their maximum potential. Efforts and improvement are always rewarded so that their learning appetite never stops growing.

3. Connectivity

A personal login allows parents to access to feedbacks after each sessions and to the children to keep up progressing from home through movies, readings, and fun educational activities.

4. Progress assessment

In addition to personnalised follow up and tailor made programs, we regularly evaluate children to ensure their progress.

5. Team work in REALLY SMALL TEAM

We believe that working in small group is the key. It allows interaction, dynamism, conviviality, and creates a working atmosphere where children are actors of the class.

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